And we know your target audience.

Why? Because we're millennials.

On digital platforms, we are your audience.

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Meet our modern, feminist approach to digital marketing.

After years of marketing in a traditional corporate setting, we got tired of rich old people calling the shots in the digital sphere. As millennials, we know the demanding nature of today's modern consumer unlike any other -- and with our generation set to possess $1.4 trillion in purchasing power by 2020, your business cannot thrive without meeting our high expectations for digital media. What worked 30 years ago just won't cut it anymore.

One of the critical ways in which millennials have made the market more competitive? We're demanding accountability for our brands and influencers as much as for our elected officials. In today's pulsing political climate, the urge for inclusive, feminist media beats stronger than ever before. Because really, no one wants to see another skinny white girl selling light beer in a crop top. We're here to change that conversation.

The digital landscape is shifting rapidly, leaving many longtime professionals feeling lost. Millennial Pink Media is here to help your brand launch in a competitive climate, move into the 21st century or continue pushing boundaries in the face of adversity. Believe us when we say, we really can do it all.


And we can do it wearing heels.

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Mission-centered marketing by millennials.


"I loved working with Haley! This was my first time hiring a freelancer, and she made it effortless. She delivered excellent work, before the deadline, and was on top of communication as well. I can’t recommend her enough, and I will be hiring her again."

Amanda, The Happy Arkansan

“Haley has an eye for design. She did a beautiful job of creating templates for my blog's Pinterest account. I also appreciate the detailed summary she put together of the SEO and other improvements she made to my Pinterest profile. Highly recommended!”

Laura, A Piece of Travel

“Haley produced high-quality work very quickly, was easy to communicate with, knowledgeable about the subject matter, performed necessary research to back up key points, responded to feedback and was happy to trade ideas from rough draft to article completion."

Brad, Diversity Jobs

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