Five Personalized Subject Lines That Work

Deleting an email takes an average of 3.2 seconds -- meaning you have approximately 3.2 seconds to grab your subscribers’ attention before your e-marketing campaign goes the way of Oscar the Grouch: straight into the trash can!

That’s why email subject lines are so important. The line that appears after the ‘From:’ section of an email is what decides whether a reader will open your email, or relegate it to the garbage. And here’s a hint: we’re all more likely to open an email from a close friend than from a company, no matter how much we love their brand.

Personalization solves this dilemma, allowing you to get on a first-name basis with your customers. If you create a tone of familiarity between you and the reader in the subject line, that same reader is already more likely to open your email -- and to become a paying customer of your brand.

Experian reports that personalized emails receive 41% more unique click-throughs. But in order to harness the full power of personalization, your brand needs to write subject lines that stick with your readers.

Keep reading to discover five personalized subject lines that work -- or, click here to send us a message, as we’d be happy to do it for you here at Millennial Pink Media!

“[NAME]: Your [PROMO] expires soon!”

Providing your customer with an offer they can’t refuse always works, but you know what works even better? Generating a sense of urgency around that offer. Whether it’s genuine or hyperbole, this sense of urgency encourages the reader to act on their FOMO and get in on this bargain…. before they lose the opportunity for good.

“[NAME], your favorite [PRODUCT] is back in stock!”

Retargeting customers who have already bought from your business in the past is an incredible example of email segmentation at work. Remembering the products in a person’s previous purchase goes a step further than simply rehashing their surname. It allows them to feel special -- and gives them the gentle nudge they need to repurchase the product they used and loved.

“[NAME], Your shopping cart misses you.”

Another stellar example of retargeting at work: personal outreach to that customer who may have visited your website in the past, but abandoned their cart in the middle of a purchase. Send this email to that segment of your list that forgot to click “Check out,” with the goal of urging them to, well ... check out already!

“[NAME]: A surprise gift for you!”

Everyone loves a good surprise, best of all your longtime customers. Reward your loyalists with a surprise gift, especially for them. Or, create a customized offer to incentivize new subscribers who sign up for your mailing list. Bonus points if you personalize their coupon code as well!

“Dear [NAME]....”

And, sometimes, you’ve just gotta go short and sweet: ‘Dear [NAME]....’ is direct and to-the-point. The direct approach works because it often catches readers by surprise; in a world rife with political correctness, readers don’t expect to be spoken to so candidly. But your brand can, and should, talk to its customers that way -- at least when it really matters. Just make sure to save the direct approach for when it counts!


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