How to Brand Yourself on Pinterest

When Pinterest launched, I was still in high school -- but even then, I saw the hidden potential in its vast canon of flawless living rooms and impossible DIY projects.

Fast forward six years later. Now, Pinterest is one of the most important social platforms for bloggers and influencers. I’d like to think my fifteen-year-old self had an instinct, but I was probably just bored in math class!

Still, my love for Pinterest hasn’t changed. I firmly believe that every lifestyle brand, every blogger these days, should harness the explosivity of the Pinterest powerhouse. Pinterest lends blog posts the opportunity to become viral, generates leads for e-retailers and exponentially multiplies your reach on social media…. And that’s only the beginning.

I first learned about Pinterest as the college blogger behind Haley Marie Blog, where my most popular post received over 15k hits from Pinterest alone. But the skills I developed as a blogger continue to serve me well when working with clients from every industry.

Without further ado, here’s the Pinterest wisdom that allowed me to better brand myself, to nurture a loyal following and to boost my blog traffic practically overnight.

Your Pinterest boards should tell a story.

The first rule of defining your visual brand? Every element of your brand should tell a story, from its colors, to its fonts, to its tone. And the same goes for your Pinterest boards.

When someone familiar with your brand looks at your boards, you want them to immediately connect the visuals back to the brand. You want them to think, “Huh, that looks familiar. Where have I seen that before?” Likewise, when someone unfamiliar with the brand looks at them, you want that person to get a sense of what your brand is and what it stands for -- just in that one glance alone.

On Pinterest, I achieve this through what I like to call “visual cohesion.” In other words, the color scheme of your boards matches the color scheme used throughout the rest of your branding -- creating a consistent visual brand message across platforms. This ensures your Pinterest strategy isn’t a standalone silo, but rather, that it connects back to your big picture marketing strategy.

Know the rules of Pinterest search optimization.

Like any piece of digital content, pins require successful search optimization to maximize their full potential. What you may not know is that the rules of Pinterest search optimization differ slightly from the rules of blogging SEO.

Every tiny detail matters in Pinterest search optimization, but you don’t have to go to such great lengths to conceal that you’re using keywords as you may in a piece of digital content. For example, every pin needs a description using relevant search terms -- but you can achieve that simply by typing those keywords in the description, separated by commas. No need for full sentences here!

In addition to pin descriptions, you should be driven by keywords when writing your board names, board descriptions and pin titles. And yes, all of these data fields should always be complete!

Need a simple solution to find popular keywords? Check out this free Pinterest Keyword Tool -- or email me for a free consultation on what keywords your brand should be targeting on Pinterest.

Tailwind multiplies your Pinterest reach.

Of all the scheduling software developed in the past ten years for social media, Tailwind takes the cake when it comes to Pinterest. Its most novel feature is its Tailwind Tribes, which allow you to join relevant groups of pinners in your niche.

In exchange for sharing content from other pinners in your Tribes, you can also share your pins to the Tribe. This creates a feedback loop between you and likeminded pinners, bloggers and small business owners -- and serves as an efficient means of expanding your reach via earned media.

The best part? Your initial investment in Tailwind could be as little as $9.99 per month for bloggers and small business owners. I highly recommend taking advantage of this offer…. And if you’re still lost, contacting a social media professional like me for guidance in establishing a strong Pinterest presence for your brand!


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