Instagram Marketing: Five Signs Your Brand is Doing It Wrong

What does your Instagram marketing strategy look like? If you're using words like "hip" or "fly" to describe it, then you're probably out of touch.

As of 2019, more than 60% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18-44. A killer Instagram marketing strategy should be targeting these young millennial users -- something that, as millennial marketers, we know a lot about.

When you're not sure how to move forward with your Instagram marketing strategy, hiring an agency like Millennial Pink Media can help you find your footing. Here are some signs that you're out of your league when it comes to your brand's Instagram page -- and what you can do to change it.

You're not thinking visually

Instagram marketing isn't like marketing on Facebook or Twitter. What you say matters far less than what you look like -- and if your brand doesn't have a cohesive aesthetic, today's picky millennials will click away faster than you can say "Instagram marketing." Your brand needs a consistent color scheme that looks curated, but not fake -- and still matches your overall brand design.

You're not following the competition

Rule #1 of business still applies to Instagram: always monitor the competition. However, you should be following your competitors not just to keep an eye on their performance. You should also be engaging with them -- sharing their posts, drawing from their like-minded audiences and thinking of ways how you may be able to benefit each other.

You're not using hashtags

Every post should have a group of relevant hashtags below the caption; if you're not using hashtags, then you're wasting your time posting on Instagram at all. In Instagram marketing, utilizing relevant hashtags allows you to target your audience where they are. Our advice? Avoid over-saturated hashtags, as well as hashtags with tens-to-hundreds of followers. Stick to the mid-range, the thousands-to-tens-of-thousands, and you'll find the perfect balance of viewers and engagement.

You're not engaging in real-time

Speaking of engagement, social media marketing is increasingly moving toward automation. But there is such a thing as becoming too automated, lest you feel ingenuine to your audience. Don't miss the opportunity to like, comment and share your viewers' posts. You'll want to log on to engage with followers in real-time at least once or twice per day, ideally more often. But we get it. You're busy -- hence why this is a perfect reason to pull in a digital marketing agency like Millennial Pink Media to help with your Instagram strategy.

You're ignoring Instagram Stories

Social media moves quickly, especially when it comes to Instagram marketing. You probably had just gotten the hang of Instagram's new algorithm when the Instagram Stories feature came out a few years ago. But these days, if you're not using Instagram Stories, you're not competing in today's over-saturated Instagram market. Your Instagram marketing strategy needs the Instagram Stories feature to reach the instant gratification generation, and to pull its audience behind-the-scenes. Instagram Stories are your unique opportunity to humanize your brand to your audience, building a brand voice and personality that makes millennials want to become loyal customers of your product or service.


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