Killer Content Marketing from Beauty and Lifestyle Brands

In digital marketing, game recognizes game. As experts in content marketing, we can tell when a brand is killing it with their content marketing strategy -- and we love to celebrate them for it!

We're inspired by these four lifestyle brands' epic content marketing in our own work. Here are lifestyle brands with killer content marketing strategies that YOUR brand can learn from.


Blog: Into the Gloss

Why We Love It: Like Millennial Pink Media, Glossier knows millennials -- and its blog caters toward its audience with down-to-earth slang.

As far as content marketing goes, Glossier also deserves major props for its SEO strategy. Into the Gloss takes advantage of subheads and high-ranking SEO keywords to set its content marketing strategy up for success.


Blog: Goop

Why We Love It: Goop's content marketing strategy is a master of disguise. The brand packages its content marketing as a digital magazine, where all its content exists to direct the reader towards its e-commerce products.

Not to mention, Goop was the original influencer marketing hub: with Gwyneth herself placing her seal of approval behind every product Goop endorses, the brand positions itself to make major sales through content marketing.

Rachel Hollis

Blog: The Chic Site

Why We Love It: As an author, blogger and mother, #girlboss Rachel Hollis wears a lot of hats. If you're looking for an example of a perfectly-cultivated personal brand, Rachel Hollis is it.

As a motivational speaker and author of two bestselling self-help books, Rachel seamlessly weaves her products and events into blog posts offering the reader answers to their most pressing questions. Rachel delivers value in every post, which is one of the reasons why we're crushing so hard on her content marketing strategy.


Blog: The Mag

Why We Love It: Birchbox's content marketing strategy consists of some pretty legit journalism. Its writers are collecting survey data, encouraging reader participation and getting Birchbox employees involved to really humanize the brand.

By adding curated reveals of its monthly subscription boxes into the content marketing mix, Birchbox drives traffic to its blog that ropes readers in to the rest of the content the brand has to offer.


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